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Welcome to LP Alliance! Here you will find icons,tour info,and general news and disscussion about LP's Albums..Hybrid Theory,Reanimation and Meteora as well as Hybrid Theory EP..We wont be be setting any ground rules so enjoy your visit and remember..LP RULES!!..

Now here come a few guidelines for general etiquette in the community.
1. Plz do n0t type liek dis. itz h4rd to r34d & it's ann0y1ng. kthxbye. If you're going to post in the community, please do your best to use proper grammar and puncuation. We'll all thank you for it. Trust me.
2. Posting super long entries Please use the cut. because LJ cut is our friend.
3. Icon and Lyric Requests can be posted, but don't expect us to jump right to it. If they don't get to it, they don't get to it. Remember, asking nicely will get you a long way. :)
4. Anything of and related LP is welcome here. Yes, even icons of all types,including slashy. I'm not going to be a bigot about this. I understand that some people don't like that sort of thing, so we'll lj-cut the slashy icons for the prudes, k?